The current version of NMSCoordinates requires No Man’s Sky Beyond or Synthesis 2.2-2.31
– Windows 10 and .NET Framework 4.7.2 (Not tested on other versions)


  1. (Optional NMSC backups up saves on startup) Backup all you save files at Location: C:\Users\[Name]\AppDataRoaming\HelloGames\NMS\st_xxxxxxxxx
  2.  Download the latest release .zip file.
  3. Extract the .zip to your desired location.
  4. Create a shortcut to NMSCoordinate.exe for your desktop.
  5. Run NMSCoordinate.exe.
  6. Select Save slot, and have fun!


  • Select a Save Slot. This loads all space station and base locations on that slot/save on the Base and Space Station tab.
  • Click a location in one of the Listboxes to view the location info. Glyphs and Galactic Coordinates, Portal Code, and Voxel will be displayed.
  • Move player to that location by clicking the Move Player Here button, then RELOAD YOUR SAVE in NMS.
  • If you traveled through a portal and want to clear the Portal Interference, click the Clear Interference button, then RELOAD YOUR SAVE in NMS. 
  • Enable Manual Travel to travel to any valid coordinates. On the Manual Travel Tab, Select a galaxy then enter Galactic Coordinates, then click the move player button.
  • Trigger a Freighter Battle by clicking the “Trigger Freighter Battle” button on the Manual Travel tab, then RELOAD YOUR SAVE in NMS then warp.
  • Go to File –> Backups –> backup discoveries to .txt and save all your locations to a txt file in .backup. These are accessed on the Coordinate Share Tab.
  • View location files on the Coordinate Share tab by double-clicking the file or the load lockbackup button. Click a location to view a location summary, and click the Move Player Here button to fast travel to the selected location.
  • Right-click a location in the top Listbox on the Coordinate Share tab to create a one record location file to share with others or delete single records.
  • Right-click the lower Listbox on the Coordinate Share tab to delete unwanted location files.
  • Use the Coordinate Calculator by clicking the Coordinate Calculator button and entering (1) coordinate at a time in the textboxes and clicking the button below it. View all converted coordinates at the bottom.
  • On the Coordinate Calculator, clicking the glyphs will populate the Portal Code field. Then click calculate to see the coordinates.
  •  Enable Travel Mode to start tracking your Terminus locations before traveling through a terminus or when hitting the limit. See video above.


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